James Michael Day


(408) 203-5563

Custom "Production" Music for TV / Movie / Video game placement

I can create the perfect soundscape for your needs, including mood music, backgrounds, source music, stingers, jingles and cues.

I have extensive music recording experience and do everything in house in order to keep sync fees low.  I can compose, mix and master a song or cue in a matter of hours or compose and record the entire music for a full TV series in under 3 days.  

Get custom music instead of stock library music that can be heard on other commercials or shows.  Stand out and be original!!

I have had major placements already on TV and video games and am affiliated with ASCAP as writer and publisher.  

Please contact me for samples or quotes, i will be adding more to this page very soon,  including music library samples and production demos. 

I am also good at taking rough demos from songwriters and turning them into fully arranged and produced finished songs.  You can check out one of my clients' music at: 

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